They are the 7 kinds of girls in Lincoln you will discover on Tinder this Valentine’s time

Sorry ladies nonetheless it must be stated

The dating scene of Lincoln is lower than desirable. We’ve covered the males, now it is time for you to roast the girls.

I’d several conversations with a few male friends, and so they provided me with a pretty good notion of just what you may anticipate once you go into the depths of Tinder. You’re planning to find girls so posh, they think for a bacon butty it is an attempt at dirty talk if you ask them. Girls testing for Ibiza Weekender every week plus some girls having a horse obsession. Like seriously, every photo to their profile is of these endured next to a horse, for a horse, or perhaps in a reliable. Therefore, let’s understand this show on the way.

One of several Lads

Often, they have photos of these ingesting and spending time with the boys, along with playing some type or variety of sport. They don’t like girls, “they’re too drama” that is much. Think, Lucie from Prefer Island vibes.

They often have tattoos and prefer to wear crop tops whilst sinking straight back a few pints with the lads. They’ll remind you at any opportunity about their tier that is‘top banter and will keep it under wraps they’ve probably shagged one of the mates. Basically, they’re mentally a boy, therefore in an easy method, do you know what you’re setting yourself up for because they’ll have fun with the tricks that are same you.

The Posh Girls

They probably went along to a many girls school, and their photos will soon be them using satin dresses and heels, or perhaps a PLT playsuit with a blazer whilst consuming cocktails aided by the girls. Mummy and Daddy purchased them a Fiat 500 with regards to their 17th birthday, so she’ll take one to Maccies when you’re hungover because you’ll give her more attention than her dad does.

They didn’t enter a Lidl before the begin of uni and so they were astonished which they sold devices like John Lewis. They’ll have a rugby player ex at an unusual uni someplace that she’ll talk about plenty and also complain that she’s having to miss ski season.

Big Style Raver

Their profile is comprised of them wearing lot of mesh and different shaped sunglasses keeping a cup of something alcoholic in a field. They went along to Leeds Fest in 2019 plus they won’t stop talking about this.

Expect a lot of images of these under neon signs at Slug and Lettuce along with the angel wings at Craft. They’re often an MUA or beauty therapist within their free time, perhaps they’re even a nail tech? That knows, but they’ll have a passionate Instagram account for it. They could possess some chat that is decent but you’ll save money time needing to grab her at 3 am when she’s had a lot to take in than discussion along with her buddies will quickly annoy you, so all the best.


And that means you need certainly to separate them into two teams. You will find the girls that are finally free of their parents when it comes to very first time in 18 years and are willing to PARTAYYYY. You’ve also got the girls whom just split up along with their college boyfriend and therefore are just dying to learn exactly what else is out there. They shall have a Tik Tok account and they will have posted videos of them dancing, therefore if you’re older than 22, check yourself.

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You must feel for them because they’ve perhaps not had an opportunity to continue every night out yet, additionally the almost all their pictures are selfies and pictures of these at their flat with their flatmates. They’re going to keep the conversation going, but don’t anticipate a great want to blossom by swiping right.

The wannabe Instagram Versions

All their pictures look like they’ve been expertly shot, but chances are they’ve used the Kim Kardashian approach to taking photos on per night out and they’ve got their mate to just take about 100 photos of these and chosen the most useful one. Their bio will say something similar to ‘If you’re shorter than 6ft, swipe left’, and all sorts of the others of these profile can look as an advert for a fake tan brand name.

They’ll move ahead if they meet someone who they find more interesting from you quickly and they’ll ghost you. Oh well, ended up beingn’t much substance here anyway.

Shy Girls

Could be referred to as a catfish, because of the exorbitant quantities of filters to their photos or group shots in which you need to find out what type this woman is. The stark reality is that she’s really shy and simply has zero confidence. Probably just separated with a boyfriend or perhaps arrived on the scene of a failed stage that is talking and contains absolutely no idea why she’s on Tinder for anything apart from a confidence boost. Don’t expect greatness, folks. You’re only getting used to improve self-esteem that is low.


They will have a fringe that is impressive colored streaks at the front end of these hair. Expect plenty of fabric, fishnets, black clothes, and a love of cats. Their profile is comprised of plenty of black colored pouty and eyeliner mirror selfies. They’ll describe themselves as being a ‘plant mum’ and their Spotify is mostly indie bands. They’re many most likely vegan and have actually an entire shelf of Lush products and scented candles into the restroom.

They wish to wake up on Chase Hudson and Machine Gun Kelly, therefore they won’t be interested if you’re a rugby lad or a posh boy. Their bio will state one thing about Lolita and additionally they will are making a version for the Buss It challenge on TikTok. Need I say more? We don’t think therefore.

It may look like I’m being harsh, but this is certainly simply the reality that is cruel. But don’t be deterred. You will find lots of Tinder/Bumble/Hinge success stories available to you, in reality, a few of my buddies can count by themselves within that team. And this Valentine’s Day, offer love the possibility. In addition own it on good authority that lads would like you to content them first too. Do your worst.