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Success comes to those, who work hard. And stays with those, who don’t rest on the laurels of the past. And Indian Institute of Derma Skin Solution have been a standing example for reaching success and sustaining it. We have been instrumental in shaping successful futures of many citizens of the country and continue doing so. In the process of this journey, we have set standards, initiated trends and achieved new milestones, successfully. IIDSS stands for Integrity, Excellence and Holistic development. These are three core pillars which will help you in managing all hurdles in life. There’s much more to us than a student and Doctor relationship. If you can imagine something for yourself then we can make it happen for you. 

Our Vision

 Our Vision is have atleast 5 Branch in every city of our Great country and Create Path for our Students and Business partners towards their Goal.

Why Choose Us

Experts Team

" Lectures and Demonstrations by qualified experts in the field. "

Real Experience

" Hands on training on the real patients. "

True Knowledge

" Tried & tested protocols shared with students. "

Step by Step

" Step by step Demonstration for all Aesthetic procedures and treatment. "

Personal Development

" Guidance on how to start and manage your own setup. "

Quality Education

Good Quality Education in derma Skin Solutions.
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Dr. Magda Medini

Dr Garima Singh